The Ending (and original script)

Posted by Energy on 2011-04-21 11:19

For those who do not frequent the forums that I've been posting on might now know that my ending did get released.. a bit later than planned, but it's out. Click below, then come back here...

Watch it now

Hope you liked that? Obviously some rare new clips in there, including Lyra's breath-taking walk into Cittigazze, and that clip of the fight between Stelmeria and Roger's deamon is pretty cool too. Let me know what you think and post a comment on the video.

I'm in the process of recording an audio commentary to go along with the video if people are interested.

On another note, it looks like the guys at have managed to get hold of what is possibly the first draft from Chris Weitz, check the script out here. It's an interesting read - I'll be doing something on this soon.

Anyway I'm going to try and update this website a bit more now that life has settled a bit. Tomorrow I plan on writing a small piece on the ending video I made. Until then...